Toy Photography: My First Attempt

Toy Photography

In photography, we can always get inspiration from whatever objects we have in our house. This time I decided to try to take some pictures of my funko pop but I wanted to make it more special by using a manual lens that I haven’t tried yet. I got a Meike 35mm 1.7 lens which I plan to use on portrait photography but since I can’t find someone, I’ll just use them on my funko pops.

My funko model for this session is Colossus aka Piotr Rasputin and one of my favorite X – Men. I wanted to make the pictures a little bit dramatic so I shot it just outisde the house in some sands and blocks.

Here are the photos:

Colossus: Toy Photography


I am not really into heavy editing yet so I just made some enhancement on brightness and contrast.

Meike 35mm Lens Performance

The lens is manual and it is good but I struggled a little when it comes sharpness. I used open-wide so it came out soft.

Another sample:

Funko Pop: Toy Photography

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