Tamron 17 – 28MM FE Reviews Are Here

Tamron 17 – 28mm is an excellent lens

Sony E Mount users can finally calm down as the first review available in the web are all praises on the lens. The review go as far saying it is better than the Sony 16 – 35mm GM.

The first review is from Krolop & Gerst and they posted a detailed youtube video but it’s on german. So I am posting here a summary in eglish from Sony Alpha Rumors website:

– Center of image: At 17mm the Tamron is as sharp as the Sony at 17mm in the
– Border of the image: At 17mm the Tamron is sharper on the edges than the Sony at 17mm
– At 28mm same kind of results
– At 28mm the 17-28mm FE is as sharp as the 28-75mm FE
– The 17-28mm FE is as sharp as the Sony 28mm f/2.0 prime lens (and the prime lens has more Chromatic Aberrations)
– There is only little chromatic aberration (green and not magenta)
– Color looks very natural
– Autofocus is fast

Perfect Go To Lens For E Mount and Wide Angle Photos

More reviews will surface in the web in the coming days so it would be fun to read what the experts has to say on the lens. I myself is excited and looking forward on owning this lens.

The Tamron 17 – 28mm is perfect for all around lens and for landscape and even night photography as it has a wide aperture of F2.8.

Checkout product the lens details below. The lens is available for preorder now in amazon and other camera online stores. Price is expected at $900.

The lens is said to be a perfect compansion for the Tamron 28-75 which is available now $900 to $1000.

Lens Highlights fromDP Review website

  • Perfect Companion model to the compact, popular Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A036) zoom
  • Superb high-resolution performance
  • Extreme close-up capability enables versatile creative expression with ultra-wide-angle zoom
  • The RXD stepping motor unit is exceptionally quiet
  • Consistent design and operation throughout all Tamron lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras
  • Versatile, exciting combination when paired with the 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD (Model A036)
  • Compatible with main camera-specific features and functions

Update: Another Review From Richard Wong in his youtube channel.

Here is a quick Summary focusing on sharpness and design of the lens

Wide angle lens Tamron especially made for Sony E Mount.

So could this lens be a good compansion for 28 – 75 lens? The answer is Yes.

The lens is mostly made of plastic so it could be a bit of plasticky. It is good though for it doesn’t weight that much.
It is a very small lens like a full frame kit lens and it’s a 2.8 and covers wide angle. it compact aldnlightweight but can feel plasticky.
The lens is weather-proof and dust-proof. The auto-focus is very good. It is very fast and the operation is very smooth and has no noise at all.
Even with using an adapter when using a different camera body like Nikon, the lens auto-focus is still fast.

Image Quality

Tested 3 Different Focal length
17mm widest – corner is a bit soft but still sharp at 2.8 but at f5 it is more sharper.
22 middle – sharp overall
28 longest – image is sharp overall

All 3 focal length and even at maximum aperture, the image is still sharp. If you shoot at f4 no matter what focal length, the images are all sharp.

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