The world is a magnificent and picturesque place and is a perfect venue for beginner photographers like me. Capturing the scenery of the  breathtaking landscapes and lively wildlife is both rewarding and therapeutic. There is no shortage of ideas to capture if we just go out and explore and keep on snapping and let our creativity take your control.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can be in the city or in the mountains, you can get inspiration from people, landmarks, skyscrapers, traffic jams and just about anything else. Armed with your favorite camera or even mobile phones, start taking pictures now and journey with me as I start my lessons and document my learnings here as the Aperture Noob.

About Aperture Noob

The primary purpose of Aperture Noob is to provide a perspective of a photographer’s beginners journey. This will include first attempts of portraits, landscapre, astrophotography or review of lenses and camera gears.

Feel free to ask me anything or make suggestions.

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