There are a tons of Photography books available online and in your nearest bookstores. Some will guide you and some will just confure you, been there and done that. Here are the list of the best photography books for Beginners and those who wants to be better in photography.

There are tons of photogtaphy books in the bookstores and online but which one is perfect for beginners and even for some with experience yet still not confident and still looking for improvements and understanding. Here are some of the books that I read and my friends and gurus recommended.

The Beginner’s Photography Guide by Chris Gatcum

What I love about this book is that it helps you not get lost in your journey of learning photography. Some of the books I read usually starts with basic then jumps into advanced learning and you end up getting lost in the process. The book also have 192 pages only which makes it easy to digest and finishing the book is like an achievement itself already.

The Beginner's Photography Guide
The Beginner’s Photography Guide

The main reason why this book is a must have for beginners in photography is that it is excellent in explaining how the camera works, what settings to choose and what techniques to master and other important lessons like how the aperture and shutter works in the image exposure.

BetterPhoto Basics by Jim Miotke

If you already have experience and just want to have extra reading that is not really heavy and too advanced, this book is for you. With 240 pages, the book is packed with techniques and lessons that will improve your photography skills.

BetterPhoto Basics
BetterPhoto Basics

I got this book as a hand me down from a friend and I totally enjoyed reading the book and it expanded my learnings in photography even more.

Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How To Create Stunning Digital Photography

This book is one of the best sellings books and Tony is one of the most popular authors. I followed him in YouTube and even if just watching his youtube channel you can already learn a lot that will greatly improved your skills.

The book is 233 page and with the hand on approach, your learning progress is on a fast paced level. The book is perfect if you are hungry to have stunning photos. Just a note though, you need to have a good understanding of exposure and ahow your camera works.

The book has a huge following too and a community of readers and photographers so you can interact to them as well.

Only 3 books listed for now but i will expand the list more soon. If you have any suggestions, comment below or contact me.

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