Best Photography Software For Beginners

Photo editing or how I call it enhancing software are important and widely available now. You can get them for your camera phones or for your desktop and laptops. There are free and paid versions and most are affordable now due to competition. I have a tried a lot and here are some of my favorite that in the long run I know can improve my skills.

Adobe Lightroom – There are many versions of lightroom now and packages. There are Cloud-based which means you can access your files your photos on the go and there is the classic, which is what I am currently using.

Lightroom is the most popular choice for photographers. It is one of the most recommmended photo editing tools to use and learn. I also highly suggest Adobe Lightroom as it a very standard editing features that are found on other software so switching from Lightroom to other software will be an easy transition.

You can buy Adobe lightroom from their website

Capture One – This is the second photo editing tools I learned and it is because they have the free capture one for Sony and it was perfect for my camera. It has all or most of the features that a biggener and advanced photographer needs.

There is a growing community of Capture One users now and I myself love working my photos on Capture One.

You can download Capture One from their website