People Are Selling Their Old Lenses For Tamron 17-28mm

Tamron 17-28mm just kept on getting positive reviews.

Last week, Jordan Steele of Admiring Light just made a bold statement, he sold his Sony 16-35mm f/4 in favor of the 17-28mm Tamron lens. He made an excellent review in admiring light website.

Tamron 17 - 28
Tamron 17 – 28

Hightlights of his review

  • Very compact and lightweight lens
  • Fast autofocus in most situations
  • Super Sharp
  • High color and contrast
  • Cheaper compared to other lenses in the same rangeZoom range is limited to 28mm only
  • Bokeh could have been better
  • Distortion and vignetting is noticeable

You can read more on Tamron 17-28mm lens here

4 new Tamron lenses are announced, find out their range and aperture in our next post.

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