NatGeo’s 2019 Travel Photo Of The Year

Mesmering Landscape Photo Bagged The Top Prize

The winner of this year’s National Geographic Travel Photo of Year is a breathtaking landscape of a fishing village in Northwestern Greenland. The photo is called “Greenlandic Winter” captures the beauty and serenity of Upernavik.

The photo is from Weimin Chu and won the grand prize of the competition. The prize is $7,500.

Spectacular Street Photography Won The Third Price

The second prize is from Sandipani Chattopadhyay called “Streets of Dhaka”. The photo shows a crowded street during an annual muslim congregation in Bangladesh. The photo won $5,000 prize.

For the full winner list, visit national geographic travel contest page

Copyrights belongs to National Geographic. Please visit the link above for more info on the contest.

Maybe next year we can join the event. NatGeo has amazing photos to get inspired and motivated. Keep on shooting.

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