Moon Photography: My First Attempt Using Sony 55 – 210mm Lens

Moon Photography

I always wanted to take photos of the moon. I find the moon mesmerizing and there is always a full moon event every 2 months so I decided to buy a budget lens for my Sony a6000 that can zoom enough to take pictures of the moon. Moon photography is now getting more popular with the younger photographers due to the inexpensive zoom lenses available.

Sony 55 – 210mm Zoom Lens for E Mount

I personally love the 55-210mm lens, as a kit lens and for the price, it is very satisfying and performs very well in good light so the question now is will it work with the moon?

The Sony 55 - 210mm for E mount. A perfect companion for Sony a6000 kit lens.
The Sony 55 – 210mm for E mount. A perfect companion for Sony a6000 kit lens.

The maximum forcal length of 55 – 210 is 210 so it still too small for the moon. The good thing with a6000 is you can extend the reach by using a digital zoom.

You can extend the reach of a zoom lens withouta teleconverter or too much cropping by using the ‘Clear Image Zoom” which is available in Sony Mirrorless lenses. The image will have to be a jpeg only photo though and not in RAW.

You can do it by selecting the setting the following:

  1. Change the file format to Fine or Standard (which is jpeg only). RAW will not work in clear image zoom or digital zoom.
  2. Go to zoom settings and change Clear Image zoom only.
  3. Set the zoom reach to 2X to double the reach.

Moon Photography Made Easy

Here are now my moon photos with different exposure settings:

Shutter: 1/400

Aperture: F11

Focal Length: 210mm (x2 using clear image zoom).

Moon Settings

Higher Aperture Exposure

The aperture is at F4 to get more light but it made the moon lighter.

It’s not the best of the moon shots out there in the internet but it’s not bad for me. These are just single shots and most photos of the moon are stacked. Stacking photos will be my next plan.

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