Meike & Neweer Extension Tubes Review

Macro Photography Using Extension Tubes

One of the joy of photography is that you can turn your older lens into a macro lens or even a zoom lens by using extension tubes. Of course, some features like auto focus may be removed but thankfully, some extension tubes retains the auto focus of a lens just like the Meike or Neweer extensions tubes.

Meike & Neweer Extension Tubes

Meike and Neweer are the same lens maker but uses different brand names, Meike for Asian market while Neweer for US and Europe. You can buy either one, quality will be the same but on my case – I have the Meike branding.

Meike is a popular in South East Asia and I have a lof of friends who uses Meike extension tubes to turn their kit lenses into an auto-focus macro lens. So last week, I experimented and used my kit lens 16-50mm for Sony a6000 for my macro and close-up photography by using the Meike Extension tubes.

Here are some samples:

Roses from the Garden

Rose Photo using Meike or Neweer Lens

More Roses

Another Rose Photo using Meike or Neweer Lens

Wild Flowers

A tiny flower about to bloom. I was able to capture it using a macro extension tube.

Wildflower With Ants

One of my favorites. A wildflower with ants in it.

Meike Macro Tube

The Meike extension tubes comes in 2 tubes – 16mm and 10mm which you can combine for a narrower focal range or use just one tube depending on you.

There are 2 kinds of extension tube, one is metallic and one is plastic. I got the plastic and it is cheaper and lighter. The build is solid so no issues at all.

Meike & Neweer Extension Tubes Look and Feel

The auto focus is still there in my kit lens although can be a little bit tough, it is way better than using a converter with no auto focus.

The price is around $25 to $30 only. Get one now.

Meike Extension Tubes can turn your kit lens into a powerful macro lens.

Check out my toy photography project using Meike 35mm lens

Buy Meike lens at their official website.

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