Is iPhone 13 The DSLR Camera Killer?

Apple just announced iPhone 13 – the new batches of their iPhones and it focused on the camera upgrades both on hardware and software. Everyone’s question now is if it will be the DSLR camera killer?

We heard the phrase before “DSLR Camera Killer” and other phone makers has been promoting their phones as the new advancement on cameras but DSLR and mirrorless cameras are still alive and in fact, sales are doing well and more people are into DSLR and compact cameras now.

So maybe the iphone 13 is that phone to finally “kill the DSLR cameras”?

The new iPhone 13 pro line up
The new iPhone Pro 13. Image from

Let’s look at the iPhone 13 pro specs

Apple kept the 12MP resolution, but upgraded the lenses, sensors and the software.

The main camera sensor packs an impressive pixel size of 1.9µm and an increase aperture of f/1.5. Comparing it to last year’s senation, the 12 Pro Max had 1.7µm pixels and an f/1.6 lens. This makes the iPhone 13 much better in low light and can capture up to 2.2x more light. But just a little bit better which makes upgrading from the 12 pro to 13 pro a bit unnecessary but if you have the budget – why not?

“ProMotion” is one of the highlights of the launching and it is about having a high refresh rate display. The iPhone 13 pro and pro max can go as high as 120 Hz and as low as 10Hz. Promotion is geared into having amazing cinematics experience for the iPhone users.

Apple also announced new features for themobile photographers and video content creators – Photographic Styles and Cinematic Mode These features are available on both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. Another notable addition is the Macro mode. Now you can magnify subjects as close as two centimeters away.

Macro shot using iPhone 13 pro
A sample of a Macro photo from iPhone 13 pro from its website.

The photographic styles are not your typical filters – these are smart, AI based filters that enhances your photos.

Based on the announcement, it seems like Apply really wants to establish as the king of phone photography and filmmaking and this can happen with the iPhone 13 pro camera specs.

As for the DSLR Camera Killer? There is no concrete answer to that. Pro photographers are more than just the shoot and click. All the lenses, cameras, tools and other stuff can’t be packed into one phone.

Let’s just wait a few more months before we see actual photos from the iPhone 13 pro and decide.

Speaking of Macro, you don’t need to buy an expensive macro lens, here is tutorial and a review of a macro extensio lens.

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