Drones: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Drones for Photography

Drones is the newest sensation of photography and the hobbyist industry. Almost all of us have a friend or know someone who owns a drones. I myself is considering one and have been testing some from friends and from showcase stores.

But before spending our hard earned money, which in most cases better spent in a wide angle lens, what are the things we need to consider before buying a drone now.

Three Things To Consider

If you are new like me in drones, these are the 3 primary features that you need to check above all. These 3 will make or break your drone and will define the usability of your new toy or gear – depends on what you will use it for.

  1. Camera – There is a huge explosion of camera drone market but you need to realize that drones will have different cameras. There are different resolutions and basing on the advanced technology used in the drone. You can have a 720 resolution, to GoPro like and even 1080 or maybe a 4k. The beginners drone right now have 720 resolution and I advise you do not buy a drone lower than 720 resolution doesn’t matter how cheap it is. Your drone will be totally useless if it can’t take a decent picture or a video.
  2. Range – The range will define how useful your drone in capturing scenes. Best beginner’s drone starts at 100 meters and midrange drones are at 600 meters. 100 meters are too low so do not buy a drone that is below 150 meters. Although 100 meters will be good as a family or picnic drone and can work in events like wedding but if you want to capture wide sceneries – 150 meters should be your minimum range.
  3. Time – Imagine if your drone running out of battery 100 meters away from you and you are on top of a building? It happened to a friend’s drone. His first drone only lasts 10 minutes and run out battery while we are on the top of a building doing photoshoot and his drone fall 50 storeys down and got crushed by a car. Time is really important most beginner’s drone has 15 – 25 minutes of battery before running out. Buy at least a 25 minute battery capacity drone and make sure to buy a drone that has replaceable battery.

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